Blog Posts are Overdue

Hi out there to anyone reading this. I intend to start using this blog as I had intended by posting more. It will be a task to get into writing something at least once a week as I had originally intended.

We’ll see how this goes.

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Why are there so many incompetent managers/supervisors in government jobs.

Working a government job and having military experience, I have learned to not expect too much in the area of knowledge, skills and abilities in my supervisors and managers.

I’m sure there are studies showing this or that as a reason behind my observations, but I believe it mainly is bad management tends to perpetuate itself in various ways.

Cronyism (and worse nepotism) is one way bad management selects incompetent employees.  Although the civil service system is technically designed to bring in the best qualified candidates, in reality it is still often “who you know.”  Many are hired/promoted based on recommendations from friends, family, political donors, or superiors.  This often results in an outsider with no skill or knowledge of the job at hand now taking charge of a unit or section.  At least this failure to actually get the best for the job is expected in the political appointee level, but it should not be happening in the actual get the job done career civil servant levels.

Another way bad management perpetuates itself is the zero-defect mentality that is often seen in law enforcement organizations.  This results in the promotion of politically correct individuals that just cannot get the job done due to fear of failure. For example, in law enforcement, the good patrol officer makes a large number of public contacts which opens them up to a number of complaints.  Doing the job correctly is not going to keep everyone happy.  On the other hand, the bad officer that avoids pissing people off by avoiding doing his job will have a nice clean record from rarely getting complaints.  Unfortunately, the same minimized exposure to conflicts in the field also leads to less experience dealing with conflicts which is something good managers/supervisors have to do.  The problem here is the one with the “clean” record is more likely to be promoted by a conflict avoiding management team.

Seniority can also a factor in some departments.  Some still believe the most senior person should be in-charge. This can work in short term situations, but in many cases, a person who doesn’t work at getting promoted doesn’t really want the responsibility.  Not everyone is a leader.

It’s almost impossible to fire incompetent civil servants.  I’m sure most have heard about incompetent people being fired and then getting their job reinstated.  It takes a huge amount of documentation over a prolonged period of time to terminate a government employee. To be fired, a government employee must do really something stupid, often by both committing a felony and embarrassing the department.

The only way to fix these defects is to start at the top with an ethical leader that instills a true civil servant attitude in his/her management team.  The goal should be to always remember that they work for the taxpayer and should make decisions based on this.

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I Knew Chelsea Manning in Basic Combat Training. Here’s the Story You Haven’t Heard

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on Jay B. Huwieler:
January 2017 – as one of his final acts in office, President Obama yesterday commuted the 35-year prison sentence of Chelsea Manning down to just four years with a scheduled release date of 17…

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Angels Flight Railway graffiti removal

Early on Thursday we got the word, via a Twitter photo posted by the good folks at DTLA Walking Tours, that Angels Flight Railway had been hit with a major graffiti bomb. The rest of the day was a …

Source: Angels Flight Railway graffiti removal

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The Last Photo

Two weeks ago, I went into our closet to pull out the pieces of my husband’s police uniform in order to make sure that everything was ironed and ready and that all of the components were there so t…

Source: The Last Photo

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Appears to be a great book and discussion on race. Very relevant today as history repeats itself.Our Gang

Visit the post for more.

Source: Our Gang

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Iran seize dogs from owners for ‘vaccination’ then kill them to crack down on ‘vulgar Western culture’

Yup. Religion of peace.

The Muslim Issue

Iran cracks down on ‘vulgar Western’ dog owners by seizing pets for ‘vaccination’ then destroying them 

  • Dogs in Iran are being confiscated from their owners by local authorities
  • Owners are told their pet needs to have ‘vaccinations’ and are taken away 
  • But when an owner tried to find out what happened there was ‘no record’  

By Matt Hunter For Mailonline
Published: 00:33, 26 June 2016

Dog confiscations in the town of Shahin Shre believed to have involved a number of families (stock image)
Dog confiscations in the town of Shahin Share are believed to have involved a number of families (stock image).

Iranian pet lovers are in uproar after dogs were confiscated in a crackdown on ‘vulgar Western culture’.

One unnamed dog owner in the Isfahan province, central Iran, said officials had shown up suddenly at his house.

Officers who claimed to be from a veterinary practice took the dog away because it needed to have ‘vaccinations’.

The owner told Iran’s Shahrvand newspaper: ‘We were shown a piece…

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