Welcome to my Blog with a focus on keeping secure.

Hi there Los Angeles and the World Wide Web.  I finally gave in and decided to start a blog.  I have been on twitter with the name of @Secure_LA commenting and re-tweeting posts related to law enforcement including Sheriff and Police issues and various other public safety and homeland security issues.

A little bit of a bio:

I work for a law enforcement agency in a civilian status and have both Army and Air Force military reserve experience. I travel using public transit and I’m in the downtown Los Angeles area often.  I love to read and research and have subscribed to multiple periodicals related to public safety over the years. So I believe I have a great base of public safety knowledge in law enforcement, security, emergency medical and fire service fields.

I have seen some of the best people in the military and in public safety along with some of the worst.  In worst, I don’t mean criminals although the news is always relating stories of criminals in the public safety sector. I mean the ones who get a great paycheck for showing up to do nothing.  I have seen people actually work harder at avoiding doing any work than if they just did the job they were paid to do.

The way I see it:  10% in public safety really try hard and go the extra mile to excel in their job and would do the same job for half the pay if needed. 20% in public safety start out great and get beat down by bad management to the point they just do enough to get by. 40% start out in public safety being middle of the road types and just end up in a rut.  20% have the knowledge skills and ability but are just not into the work except for the paycheck and finally the 10% that are mediocre from the get go and are only in public safety due to too many along the way figured they are someone else s problem.

Biggest problem with bureaucracies is the solution to all problems is more bureaucracy.


About SecureLosAngeles

Security is everyone's business. We must be sure that those we hire to secure us stay vigilant. Security is a team effort. Know what is normal. Report suspicious activity. I'll be watching out and commenting on law enforcement, security, fire service, and other issues that may effect the security of those who call Los Angeles home.
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