The Social Medial Race for Los Angeles Sheriff’s Election 06.03.2014

Who is in the social media lead as of today?  Updated 10/15/13.

The candidates and links to their campaign sites are below:


Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff

No campaign website found

@SheriffLeeBaca *Not a campaign specific SM account*

No Facebook page found


Patrick Gomez, Lieutenant (LASD ret.)



Bob Olmsted, Commander (LASD ret.)



Paul Tanaka, Undersheriff (LASD ret.)



Lou Vince, Detective Supervisor (LAPD)



The numbers:

Sheriff Lee Baca:

Twitter- 1235 *Not a campaign specific SM account


Lt. Gomez:

Twitter- 3

Facebook- 104


Cmdr. Olmsted

Twitter- 57

Facebook- 104


Undersheriff Tanaka:

Twitter- 229

Facebook- 3176


Det. Supv. Vince:

Twitter- 264

Facebook- 113


About SecureLosAngeles

Security is everyone's business. We must be sure that those we hire to secure us stay vigilant. Security is a team effort. Know what is normal. Report suspicious activity. I'll be watching out and commenting on law enforcement, security, fire service, and other issues that may effect the security of those who call Los Angeles home.
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