Congratulations to the Future New Los Angeles Sheriff

Congratulations to Chief Jim McDonnell and Undersheriff Paul Tanaka on the primary election results.  Hope you two can keep to a positive election campaign and not do too much mud slinging.  The working folk at the LASD have been beaten up quite a bit in the press lately.

Thank you especially to Detective Supervisor Lou Vince, Lieutenant Patrick Gomez, and Commander Bob Olmstead on your bravery and willingness to run for Sheriff even while Sheriff Lee Baca was still in office and running for re-election.  You all led the way for the vigorous campaign.

I seriously hope that a new Sheriff will truly bring new management to the Department.  For too long, the management has been too involved with internal politics rather than over the actual operation and supervision at all levels.  Every leader in the Department must be focused on the question of “What is best for the taxpayers and the Department” when making decisions.

For those of you who voted, Thank you.  It’s nice to see at least some people in Los Angeles County care about the outcome of an election.


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Security is everyone's business. We must be sure that those we hire to secure us stay vigilant. Security is a team effort. Know what is normal. Report suspicious activity. I'll be watching out and commenting on law enforcement, security, fire service, and other issues that may effect the security of those who call Los Angeles home.
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